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"After 40 years of litigation, I am convinced that mediation is the best bang for your buck."

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"Litigation is like playing football.  Games are fun, but practice is pretty miserable.  I’ve never had a client tell me after long, difficult litigation that 'Gee, that was fun.  I hope I get to do that again sometime.' On the other hand, I’ve never had a client tell me they didn’t like a mediation experience.  Clients feel like they’re part of the process in mediation.  In courtroom litigation, they often feel like innocent bystanders."

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“Litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and unpredictable. Arbitration is litigation that affords the parties and their counsel an opportunity to resolve their dispute quickly and efficiently if they avail themselves of the benefits of the process.”

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His litigation work began representing the State of Louisiana in the Attorney General’s Office in complex cases involving the ownership of state lands and minerals.


That practice led him to join a growing regional law firm in Lafayette, Louisiana concentrating in complex commercial litigation focused on the energy industry.  During that time he represented landowners, oil and gas operators, pipeline companies and oil and gas service companies.  The work included bank representation, oil and gas leasing, operating agreements, pipeline projects and other varied aspects of business litigation.  “We were representing business clients, most of whom happened to be in the energy business.”


In 1993, Chuck continued that practice as a solo practitioner.
At that time, he became a mediator and arbitrator, initially trained through the American Arbitration Association.
He later became affiliated with Mediation Arbitration Professional Systems, known as MAPS, based in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  He has continued his mediation practice since that time through MAPS, handling hundreds of mediations of nearly every type of case, including personal injury and property casualty, construction, corporate and LLC administration, oil and gas title disputes, oil and gas blowouts, pipeline damage cases, and the large, complex environmental disputes known as legacy site cases in Louisiana.



Chuck has continued his arbitration practice through AAA and privately.  He has served as the sole arbitrator in a construction case involving the largest freestanding aircraft hangar in the world located in San Antonio, Texas.  He served on a panel which conducted what at that time, was the longest running construction hearing in the New Orleans region of AAA.  Other cases have ranged from consumer cases to major oil and gas disputes to ICDR seaman’s claims.

For over 40 years, Chuck’s practice has involved litigation, mediation, and arbitration.


"Chuck has also been appointed Special Master by Louisiana District Courts in several property partition actions involving large landholdings and has been selected by the party’s counsel to serve as arbitrator in several private arbitrations."


Chase Tower

600 Jefferson Street, Suite 501

P. O. Box 3642

Lafayette, Louisiana 70502

Office Telephone:  (337) 266-2300            Fax:  (337) 266-2163



Age: 72


Children: 3



Louisiana State University School of Law

            Juris Doctor degree - May, 1977

            Admitted to Practice - October, 1977

            Class Rank - 66/261

            Average - 76.29


Louisiana State University

            B.A. - May, 1973

            Average - 3.9

            Major - English/Creative Writing


Hanson Memorial High School, Franklin, Louisiana

            Graduated - May, 1969

            Average - 3.9



Law School

            Robert Lee Tullis Moot Court Competition Semi-finalist

            Moot Court Board

            The Civilian (contributor)


Undergraduate School

            Magna cum laude graduate

            B.A. with "College Honors"

            College of Arts and Sciences Honor Award

            Editor of "Delta" student literary magazine

            LSU Alumni Association Scholarship

            National Merit Scholarship


Masters Member, American Inn of Court of Acadiana



Sole Practitioner, Chase Tower, 600 Jefferson Street, Suite 501 (70501), Post Office Box 3642, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502, December 1, 1997 - present.


Minyard & Brener, 600 Jefferson Street, Suite 501, Post Office Box 3642, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502, May 1, 1997 - November, 1997.


Sole Practitioner, 600 Jefferson Street, Suite 501, Post Office Box 3642, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502, February 1, 1992 to April, 1997.


Partner, Mangham, Hardy, Rolfs & Abadie Law Firm, 600 Jefferson Street, Suite 1400, Post Office Drawer 93110, Lafayette, Louisiana 70509-3110, June, 1987 - February 1, 1992.


Equity Partner, Broadhurst, Brook, Mangham & Hardy Law Firm, 666 Jefferson Street, Suite 1400, Post Office Drawer 2879, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502, January, 1985 - May, 1987.


Profit Sharing Partner, Broadhurst, Brook, Mangham & Hardy Law Firm, 666 Jefferson Street, Suite 1400, Post Office Drawer 2879, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502, January, 1983 - December, 1984.


Associate, Broadhurst, Brook, Mangham, Hardy & Reed Law Firm, 666 Jefferson Street, Suite 1400, Post Office Drawer 2879, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502, March, 1981 - December, 1982.


Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division, June 1, 1980 - February, 1981.


Deputy Secretary (First Assistant to Secretary, general departmental legal matters, policy, and management), Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, April 1, 1979 - May 30, 1980.


Staff Attorney, Attorney General's Office, Land and Natural Resources Section (Tidelands), September 1, 1978 to April 1, 1979.


Law Clerk, Judge Melvin Shortess, Nineteenth Judicial District Court, October 1, 1976 - August 30, 1978.


“A three-man abstraction panel knowledgeable about the subject greatly reduces the possibility of an aberrant jury or judge finding.”


General litigation, arbitration and mediation, concentrating principally in complex commercial matters, oil and gas including but not limited to, environmental claims related to oil and gas exploration and production, all aspects of commercial construction including, but not limited to, commercial roofs, foundations, piping, delay and disruption. 


Since admission to the bar in 1977, oil and gas practice has included contract and JOA disputes, title issues, and drilling-related cases such as downhole failures, logging failures, tool failures, and blowouts.


Involved in the defense of several multimillion-dollar blowout cases.  Also worked on various pipeline expropriation matters including damage claims. 


Has represented both homeowners and contractors in residential construction cases. 


Served on a panel that conducted what was then the longest running trial in the New Orleans AAA district on a piping construction case.  Served as arbitrator of a case concerning the largest free-standing hanger roof in the world at a U.S. Air Force Base.


Additional panels served on include oil and gas contract disputes (Chairman), apartment/townhouse development construction, and major oil and gas environmental, title, and JOA disputes.


Have mediated numerous oil and gas “legacy site” cases to settlement as well as many other oil and gas disputes between landowners and operators over royalties, title, servitude and lease maintenance.


Mediation practice has included a wide variety of cases on business disputes (minority/majority), personal injury and toxic tort cases, as well as construction and oil and gas.

"Arbitration was practically invented by owners and contractors who needed a speedy and relatively inexpensive way to resolve inevitable disputes at the end of a project."


"After 40 years of litigation, I am convinced that mediation is the best bang for your buck.  We do more in 3 to 5 hours than can be accomplished in years of litigation."


Member, Mediation Arbitration Professional Systems, Inc. (MAPS), Panel of Mediators.  90.5 hours of training in basic and advanced mediation techniques from MAPS.  40.0 hours of training in basic mediation techniques from American Arbitration Association.


Certified Trained Mediator and Arbitrator through American Arbitration Association (AAA) and Mediator through Mediation Arbitration Professional Systems, Inc. (MAPS).


Cases mediated include areas of employment law, personal injury, oil and gas, Jones Act, Longshoremen and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act, construction, contract disputes, bank fraud and environmental, oil and gas, legacy sites.


Mediation fee: $400.00/hour, plus $325.00/party case management fee. 

Arbitration fee:  $400.00/hour.


Mediations conducted involving Farm Bureau, State Farm, Allstate, Prudential, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, CNA, and other insurance companies, ExxonMobil, BP, Wagner, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Noble, Apache, and other operators.



George Arceneaux

Joseph C. Giglio, Jr.

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Bernard H. McLaughlin, Jr.

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Lawrence P. Simon, Jr.

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Lafayette, LA 70503



Jason P. Bergeron  

Exxon Mobil Corporation

4045 Scenic Hwy., RMO 5020

Baton Rouge, LA 70805



David Russell

McGowan Working Partners         

P. O. Box 55809      

Jackson, MS 39296-5809



L. Victor Gregoire

Kean, Miller, LLP

P. O. Box 3513

Baton Rouge, LA 70821



William Tim Allen, III

Blanchard, Walker

333 Texas Street

Shreveport, LA 71101



Joseph “Larry” Shea, Jr.

Bradley, Murchison, Kelly & Shea

401 Edwards Street, Suite 1000

Shreveport, LA 71101


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"Nothing the mediator does is neutral.  Everything the mediator does gets the parties closer to a settlement or further away."

600 Jefferson St # 501

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